ECI Connect Migration

Migration Overview

All ECI Email accounts are moving to Connect - UCSB’s email and calendaring service powered by Google’s G Suite for Education. G Suite for Education is a collection of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software from Google. It includes Google's popular web applications such as Google email, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Docs and Sheets. G Suite provides a complete package of communication and collaboration tools suitable for any device.

Please note:

  • You will retain your existing email address
  • You will retain all of your current email
  • On the morning after your migration you email client settings will need to be updated (we will help)

  • Why migrate to Connect?
    • Ultimately it will be a better user experience with additional functionality
    • Google has better spam and virus protection
    • It is protected by legal contract (see here for details)
      • No scanning of your data for ad generation and no ads are displayed
      • FERPA compliant
      • A large number of ECI accounts currently forward mail to external providers and do so generally without protection of a legal contract
    • Additional collaboration functionality and security (MFA is available)
    • Again, it is becoming the standard collaboration tool used across campus

    Who will migrate to Connect?
    • Everyone with an ECI account (migration will also coincide and be coordinated with ECE Connect migration)
      • All departments and centers that ECI hosts mail for
      • Faculty, staff, and students
    • Mailing lists will be migrated to Google Groups

    How will the migration occur?
    • The migration will occur in four waves starting in June (early adopters) and finishing at the end of August
    • The process will involve transferring everybody’s existing mail to Connect
      • For each wave of migration there will be an initial transfer and migration of all old mail prior to the cut over date (see below). There will then be a final migration of any new mail received after the initial migration and prior to the cut over.
      • There should be no loss of mail!
    • For each wave there will be a cut over date after which you will no longer get mail from ECI directly but from Connect
      • On the cutover date email clients will have to be reconfigured or people may choose to use the web interface

    When will the migration occur?
  • Please refer to the Calendar and Project Waves page

  • Who is involved with the migration?
    • Mike Edwards is the ECI technical lead
    • All of the COE IT staff will be involved at some level of this effort
      • Desktop support staff
      • Server support
    • ETS (Enterprise Technology Services)
      • James Kantrim is the project manager
      • Shea Lovan is the technical lead

    Connect Migration

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