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This is meant to be a helpful list of links, not a replacement for attending orientation. This is simply the most commonly asked for information in one handy location. Please contact your departmental advisor for more detailed help and instructions. 


Q: Is there once single location where I can check my Engineering Email, manage my account, and find helpful information?


A: Engineering Computer Infrastructure Home Page



Some Common Questions and Answers That Can Be Found in Our Knowledge Base


Q: What is my College of Engineering Account (COE)?


A: It is how you access your engineering email, sign onto engineering computers, get access to software and help. It is different from your UCSB net ID, which is at the campus level. College of Engineering (CoE) accounts


Q: How do I create my College of Engineering Account (COE)?


A: In order to access samba shares or software you may be licensed for, you will need an COE account. If you are enrolled in College of Engineering classes it may be possible to create an account with your UCSBNetID and password. You cannot create an account if you already have one.  If you are unable to create an account you will need your advisor or a staff member to create an account invitation for you.


Please note that there is up to a two week delay between when you sign up for classes and when you show up in the Collge of Engineering's system. (accounts that are expired but not yet deleted will be renewed in the same timeframe).


Q: What should I set as my incoming and outgoing mail server in my email client configuration?


A: /eci/kb/index.php?action=artikel&cat=2&id=1&artlang=en


Q: There is no email on my Engineering account / Forwarding Mail.


A: /eci/kb/index.php?action=artikel&cat=1&id=144&artlang=en


Q: My mail is migrating/migrated to UCSB Connect, where do I get infomation?




Q: I am off-campus or on wifi, how can I use computer resources that are restricted to campus IPs.


A: VPN How to get setup with VPN.


Q: What software can I get for free as a student?


A: Where can I get software? and Alternatives to Digital Piracy (Please note that this list only applies to the College of Engineering. Individual departments may have additional software for department members.)



More information is in our Knowledge Base. Take a look, you will be glad that you did.


Non Engineering Sites I Should Know About


Checklists for New Students:


UCSB Interactive Map (Where am I and How do I get where I need to go?): Static Map:


Collaborate Box (I need more space to store files?)


UCSB's subscription (where can I get training?)


Transportation and Parking Services (where I can park and how much?):


UCSB Identity (activate your UCSB net ID and find people):


CS Instroduction to the COE Labs:


Be sure to talk to your department advisor, fill out your paperwork, go to orientation, activate your ucsb net id, and get your ID card

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