Web Browsing: Secure vs Not Secure


The web browser tells me a site is Not Secure.  What does that mean?


Websites can have different types of connections.  The most common are Secure and Insecure states.

What is Insecure?

The most common website is going to be Insecure.  This being that it generally starts off with http:// in its address.

This means the connection state is not encrypted and anything posted to the website, like forms, entries and what not are visible to anyone using programs to read internet traffic.

Also, insecure websites are sometimes used by phishers to fake out users to provide login information.

Generally, when providing login information, like Username and Password, you want to be on a Secure website.

How do I know I am on a Secure website?

Secure websites often start off with https:// in their address.

Web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, will show an indicator in their address bar, which often looks like a Green Padlock.  Clicking on that icon will provide more information, often times a verification that the site is legitimate.


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