How do I install Matlab?

- CoE Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students are eligible to download and install Matlab on UC owned workstations and laptops for non-commercial research and instructional activities.

- CoE Undergraduates may use Matlab in any of the ECI labs. Matlab is NOT available to undergrads for installation on laptops or home computers.

- Note: Software downloads available ONLY from UCSB campus networks. If you are trying to download while connected to the campus wireless, you must use the campus vpn service (


1. Download the installation media, license file for initial installation and installation code at

Note: If you are using Mac OS X and are prompted with a window asking for a username and password click here for more information.

2. Mount the .iso file:

OS X - double click the downloaded .iso file.

Linux - from the terminal: mount -o loop downloaded.iso /some/mount/point.

Windows - Microsoft offers a program to easily extract and mount .iso files:

Several popular programs such as WinZip and WinRar can also extract the installation .iso file.

3. Start the installer:

OS X - double click on the "InstallForMacOSX" file. If you receive the following error message:

"” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", you will need to rt-click the and choose open.

Linux - start the installer from a terminal by running the install script from the mounted iso file.

Windows - Click on the setup program.


Once the installer has started, do the following: 

Choose to Install Without Using the Internet

Select the Install without using the Internet option and click Next.



Review the License Agreement

Review the software license agreement and, if you agree with the terms, select Yes and click Next.


Specify the File Installation Key*

*(the one that is included in the license file that you downloaded in step one above)


Choose the Installation Type "Typical"


 Specify the Installation Folder




When prompted, specify location of the license file that you downloaded.




Confirm Your Choices and Begin Copying Files





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