SSH access to CS class accounts for Teaching Assistants

If you are a Teaching Assistant and need access to a class account for the quarter, please have the instructor send an email to requesting access on your behalf.

Since class accounts are not password accessible, we will send you an email requesting a copy of your public ssh key.

Then we will add your key to the class account's authorized_keys file. Once this is done, when you ssh between CS machines, your ssh key will be used, instead of password authentication.

When we request that your send your public key to help@engineering, we do not need the key fingerprint, the private key, or the passphrase: only the public key - which is the contents of the file and should look similar to this (and be on one long line):

ssh-rsa AAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEAwJmL6PcIJEuu9Y0ZdcArsUmCGiBoHsbIEzBCsOtIxgE3QS6BodDrid17lmKL5xZafIdHDvkjfJxsJEFJI3Tgsdo8pT0yBDJGPdJr9PnGIoKhZP+s9RDNc2RtG73LNJyuy73IlBz1CjO9gi2a2M6up+ulIIrii6cZJCuZrSVoV4c= user@host

If you are leaving the public and private keys in your CS account's home directory, you can simply tell us the filename of your public key and we will copy it over to the class account for you.

Note: If you need help generating SSH keys, please see our FAQ entry called Setting up SSH Keys.

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