Accessing the UCSB Wireless Network

The main difference between the UCSB Wireless Network, UCSB Secure and eduroam, is that UCSB Wireless Network will require you to log in after 5 minutes of inactivity through a web browser.

UCSB Secureis the legacy secure network, where you can set it once and it should not require to ask for a password while on campus.  This is no longer the suggested network to use, but to use eduroam.

Eduroam is the suggested wireless network to use, especially for Professors/students who are visiting this campus or other campuses.  This network uses your credentials (UCSBNetID or other campus) and allows you to also use the WiFi of other campuses that are part of the eduroam network.

Regular Network

To access the Campus Wireless network follow these steps:

  1. Join “UCSB Wireless Web” network
  2. Open up an Internet browser and go to any webpage (you will be redirected to a log-in page)
  3. Enter your UCSBNetID and password 


Eduroam is a service that gives visitors to UCSB from participating institutions  easy access to wifi services. UCSB guests to participating institutions now have the same ease of access when roaming.

More information can be found at



Usage: The UCSB Wireless Network is, like all other UCSB data networks, for authorized use only and you must abide by all applicable policies and laws.

Network Restrictions: The wireless network blocks port 25 (SMTP), please use either web-based email or configure your email client to use port 587 when sending mail. The network also blocks communications between individual wireless client. Finally, some service providers may block traffic originating from the UCSB Wireless Network.

Timeouts: Your wireless session will timeout when your computer goes to sleep or after 4 hours. Once timed-out you will need to reauthenticate in order to continue using the network.


Common Problems


Forgot UCSBNetID and/or password: For students the UCSBNetID and password are the same as your Umail username (i.e. and password. For Faculty, your UCSBNetID and password is the same as your STAR login. All users can reset their password at the campus's Identity Manager website located here:

I don't have a UCSBNetID: All students, staff (including paid researchers), and faculty should have UCSBNetID's, however guests do not. If you do not have a UCSBNetID, please visit the campus's Identity Manager website located here:

UCSB Wifi (without a NetID) Guest Accounts:
In case of single/individual wireless guest account please send a request to and include the following information:

  • Visitor's Name, Phone#, Email:
  • UCSB Sponsor: (faculty/staff name, 4-letter department code is OK)
  • Point of Contact: (Name, email, phone number)
  • Start and End date : (up to two months)


The UCSB Network Operations Center (NOC) can create temporary guest accounts which are not a UCSBNetID but will work for campus wireless access.  They only ask departments to appoint a dedicated point(s) of contact to deal with wireless accounts requests.

Note that:

  • The guest account(s) provided will work for campus wireless access *only* (no VPN access, Library Proxy, etc).
  • Campus wireless available at the locations listed on this web page:
  • It is the responsibility of the requesting department to maintain personal contact information for each wireless user.

I can't login: First, be sure you are entering your username and password correctly. Second, make sure you are entering your username and password correctly. If you are positive that you have entered your username and password correctly, try one more time.

If this does not work, make sure that you are logging into the correct webpage. The correct webpage should read, "Welcome to the UCSB Data Network" and contain information about the login process and conditions of use. If you do not see this page and instead are presented with one that reads, "Welcome to the Cisco wireless network." Then you are at the wrong webpage. Make sure that you have javascript enabled and try again.


I can't get the UCSB Secure setup correctly on my device.

There could be a few reasons this can happen...

  1. You have UCSB Secure incorrectly saved/setup - On phones and devices, you should try and remove/forget the wireless connection that is saved on your device, then try doing the setup once again.  On Laptops, you will want to forget or delete your wireless for UCSB Secure and go through the setup process again on UCSB Setup.
  2. You have an changed your UCSBNetID Password - On phones and devices, you will need to not only remove/forget the UCSB Secure wireless connection, but configurations regarding it first before trying to re-set it up.  Please refer to the UCSB Wireless FAQ page at
  3. You are on a Phone or Cellular supported device - Sometimes the device will try to use the Cellular service over the UCSB Setup wifi connection, which then has problems trying to get certain things from the service.  Try disabling the Cellular Service on your device so it uses only the WiFi connection.  Sometimes, you may also have to use the web browser on your device to site to make it work as well.

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