How do I enable an automatic vacation reply?

Special Note

The College of Engineering Departments will be moving to UCSB Connect for Mail Services.  After September 1st, all mail will be done through UCSB Connect and Google.

For departments who are already on UCSB Connect, you can refer to this link:

How to set Out of office or vacation reply

a) Please visit the Account Maintenence web site to setup your automatic vacation reply:

b) Once you have logged in please click on the Vacation tab. 

Vacation Tab

c) Set both START and END dates for duration of your vacation message. Also, edit the message and subject, if needed.

  • NOTE: The string, "$SUBJECT", will be replaced with each message's Subject field.

d) Click on the "Activate Vacation Message >>" Button. Activation should take roughly 10 minutes.

Set Vacation Message

To deactivate early, login, click on the Vacation tab and click on "Deactivate Vacation Message". 


Sometimes the Vacation Message will stay active when it should have stopped.  In case this happens, please refer to this article:

My vacation message is still sending, even though it says my vacation message is deactivated.

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