Can I keep my email address after I graduate? (Alumni Mail)

The UCSB College of Engineering (CoE) provides lifelong email forwarding to its graduating students. This service is available only upon REQUEST. CoE alumni are eligible if they have received degrees and whose accounts have not been expired longer than 30 days. 

Please read this information carefully and completely.

If you are an alumnus of the College of Engineering at UCSB, we will provide lifelong email forwarding for email messages addressed to you at your current address. We will also provide forwarding for .

This means you will have two different addresses available for your use:

The above addresses must forward to a single destination. You must provide us with the email address where you would like to have your email forwarded. It should be a permanent email address. Departmental aliases for your @engineering address, such as @cs will also forward.

This service is for forwarding only; it does not include local delivery or access via IMAP after your account has expired. You will not be able to send mail through our outgoing mail server after your account expires. You may not continue login access or maintain web space. Your login access, files, any .forward files, and web pages will be removed after your account expires.

Please do not ask for alumni-forwarding until you are finished using your COE account. You will no longer be able to access your COE account when forwarding starts!

All requests and inquires concerning alumni forwarding should be sent to following:

The request MUST be submitted via your College of Engineering account to verify you are the proper requestor.

The email must include the following:

  • Your Engineering Account User Name
  • Which Discipline you have graduated from
  • What email address you would like the mail forwarded to

After you have sent your email request, forwarding should begin within 24 hours. If you would like to modify your destination address, just send mail to the same address, from the forwarding email address, letting us know.

Mail that has already been delivered locally will not be forwarded; only new incoming messages will be forwarded.

This forwarding supersedes any .forward file you may have in place.

When your account expires, the lifelong forwarding will continue to function. If your degree is not granted or you are not a alumni, the forwarding will be canceled.

If you have any questions, please send mail to and we will be happy to assist you.

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