Creating Your Own Web Page

Simple Start

1. Log in using your COE account and make sure you are in your home directory. If you do not have a COE account but are enrolled in at least one COE course during the current quarter, please get an account first. You can create an account here:

2. Create a directory called "public_html."

3. In that directory, create a text file that will contain the information that is displayed on your home page. The web server supports both html and php, so you can name this file "index.html" or "index.php".

4. Make sure that your directory and .html and/or .php files are world-readable by running the following commands:

chmod 755 public_html

chmod 644 public_html/index.html

Also, make sure that your home directory is world executable; if not, use the following command:

chmod o+x $HOME

You can now access your web home page via the URL:




where "login" is your CoE username.

The web server supports PHP and javascript (no cgi-bin).

More Resources

  • Tryit Editor v1.5 Pretty good simple HTML practice tool.
  • The Web Developer's Virtual Library offers dozens of links to tools that will add depth to your web site, such as scripting languages, multimedia, forms, image maps, etc.
  • Java Resource List Links to online tutorials, FAQs, great web sites, Java information collections and indices, news and message exchanges, publishers and other Java info providers, products, conferences, and more!
  • Converters To and From HTML lists a number of downloadable utilities for specific programs.

If you don't have the time or interest in learning HTML, you don't really have to. Use a WYSIWYG HTML editor like Netscape Composer (multiple platforms), Adobe PageMill (Mac and PC) or Microsoft FrontPage (PC) to create your homepage. Also, many computer applications are beginning to incorporate a save-as-HTML feature, so check and see if your favorite program allows automatic conversion to HTML.

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