How to read and send email using your CS account?

NOTICE: CS mail servers have reached their end of life and their services are now being provided by the College of Engineering.  


The College's IMAP and SMTP servers will allow you to read and send messages from anywhere once your email client authenticates using your CoE account.

You will need the following:

a) Email client which supports the options: IMAP, SMTP and SSL b) Valid College of Engineering (CoE) account
a) Setup your incoming mail server (IMAP) to
b) Setup you outgoing mail server (SMTP) to
c) ALWAYS use an SSL connection
d) Authenticate using your CoE account and password

In addition to using an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook, you are able to view and send mail via the College's webmail site. Please visit

It usually is the default, but this service, when using SSL, needs to run over PORT 993. Although the default is still often PORT 25, this relay needs to run over PORT 587 with a secure connection. Use PORT 587, since many ISPs block outbound SMTP traffic on PORT 25.

For detailed instructions, please contact



For migrated CS users, please follow these instructions: How to update my email client after email migration? 


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