How do I access digital resources like ACM etc?

Through the UCSB Libraries you can access a large number of online resources. These resources include a many things of interest to Computer Science students - including the ACM Portal and O'Reilly's Safari bookself (a complete list can be found here).

These resources are available online to all campus hosts (computers connected directly to the campus network). Off-campus users can access these same resources in one of two ways:

1. The Campus VPN service.
You will need your UCSB netID and password to download the client VPN software. The client software is only available for Windows and Macs. Note, for students, your UCSB netID and password are your Umail username and password and, for faculty, it is the same as your Egrades username and password. If you dont have a UCSB netID, you can obtain one here.

2. The Library web proxy server. It is STRONGLY advised that you do not use this because it sends your login information in cleartext.

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