Alumni Email Access

For MS and PhD graduates who have signed up for a Computer Science alumni account, your email address is of the form (replacing 'username' with the username you use on You can access your alumni email in a number of ways:

  • Setup a .forward in your home directory in order to forward your mail to your current email address.
  • ssh to and use pine or other clients to access your mail locally.
  • Use the webmail setup at
  • Use IMAP to access your mail using any mail client which supports the IMAP protocol.

For IMAP, you should setup your mail client to use for the incoming mail server (sometimes referred to as the IMAP server). Check the box to use SSL - this should automatically configure your client to connect on port 993, if not, you may need to enter the port number by hand. Your username and password are the same you use when connecting via ssh to

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