Who is eligible for an account on College of Engineering computers?

The following are eligible for an account for the College of Engineering:

  • All Faculty teaching in the College of Engineering
  • All Staff Members in a College of Engineering Department
  • Researchers in a College of Engineering Department
  • Students taking a College of Engineering Course

 Additionally, faculty and staff members with a College of Engineering account can invite users or new staff/faculty members using the Request an account invitation link at https://accounts.engr.ucsb.edu/.

If you are a new faculty, staff, or researcher, you will need your PI or management officer to submit an invitation for your account.

Students - If you are an extension student, you will need provide proof of enrollment, due to Extension enrollment system is outside the GOLD system.

If you are a student who is crashing/adding the course, we can only create an account that will usable for 2 weeks.  After which, you will need to be enrolled in the course or provide proof you are enrolled in the course in order to have it extended to the end of the quarter.

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