What should I set as my incoming and outgoing mail server in my email client configuration?

Special Note

The College of Engineering Departments will be moving to UCSB Connect for Mail Services.  After September 1st, all mail will be done through UCSB Connect and Google.

For departments who are already on UCSB Connect, please refer to our support documents for setting up clients at:





Here is the general information you will need to know in order to connect to the College of Engineering email server:


Server name: mail.engr.ucsb.edu
Protocol: imap
Port: 143
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password

Server name: smtp.engr.ucsb.edu
Port: 587
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password


The Username and Password your client is asking for is your College of Engineering account and not your UCSBNetID Username and Password.  You will need to set the username and password for outgoing as well as incoming email

We primarily provide support for the Thunderbird email program, which can be found here.

For other Mail Clients, we can only provide assistance with:

How to configure Gmail to send email through our mail servers.

How can I access CoE email on my phone?

Other clients will need to be configured using either 'Add other account' or 'Other Account' with manual settings provided above.  So only 'best effort' support can be given.

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