Webmail - Can't find Sent/Junk/Draft Mail Folders


When you go onto your mail account via Webmail, you can't find the Sent/Junk/Draft Mail folder.


There are three possible causes for this.

1) You have only accessed your mail via the Webmail

You haven't accessed your College of Engineering Account through any other means but the Webmail (IE: Did not use any other imap client like Thunderbird, to access your mail)

2) You may have deleted the folders

You may have accidentally deleted the folder in question.

3) The folders were not defined to the Webmail system


The best way to resolve this is to see if the folders exist.  To do this, go:

Settings -> Folders

If you do not see the following folders:




You may want to click on the '+' icon at the bottom, creating them with those names.  Make sure the Parent folder remains as '---' and click on the Save button.

Once that is done, click on Preferences on the left hand menu, then click on Special Folders on the next column when it shows.

For each entry, use the pull down to match folder for what you want it to be, so Drafts for Drafts, Sent for Sent, and so forth.  Then click on Save..

Once you do that, hit the Back button to get back to your mail screen and you should now see folders for Draft/Sent/Junk and so forth.

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