Why can't I access the computers in CSIL?

If you are having trouble logging in to a computer you can reset your password here, or if you are entering the correct password but it still won’t let you login, it may be because of a file quota issue. You can learn more about quotas by clicking here.

 Note: Starting in Winter Quarter 2014, the CS Instructional Lab (CSIL) computers are now accessible to all students with an ECI (College of Engineering) account. If you continue to have issues, please contact the ECI Help Desk.

Computers in the Computer Science Instructional Lab are accessible only to students enrolled in CS classes. The CSIL lab is not otherwise available to anyone except Computer Science majors.

If your major is in another department and you are enrolled in a CS class you may obtain access to the CSIL Lab for that quarter. Access to CSIL should be automatically added for the quarter you are enrolled. If you find you do not have access, please contact the ECI Help Desk, or stop by our office. We are located in Harold Frank Hall 1140E

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