How to: Connecting to a Network/Samba Share


This is a rough guide on how to connect to a Network/Samba share.

For PC

The best way is to map a network drive to the share.  To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Open an Explorer window
  2. Click on My Computer or This PC
  3. Click on Map Network Drive
  4. Select a drive letter for the pulldown next to Drive
  5. In the box next to Folder:, type in \\servername\share
  6. It will then ask you for your logon credentials.

For Macs

  1. Be sure you are on Finder.
  2. Do Command-K to pull up Connect to Server
  3. Type in: cifs://server/share
  4. It will then ask you for your login credentials.


server - Name of the server you are connecting to.  For CoE, this is

share - Name of the share you need to access.

For your login credentials, the username is just the part before the @.  Example: johndoe would be the username for


Mapping or connecting to the Network/Samba share requires the computer to be on the Campus Network or making use of the Campus VPN.

However, the Campus VPN is not allowed through the ResNet Wire(less) Network, so if you are working from the ResNet Network, you will have difficulty making connection to the network/samba shares due to these restrictions.

Please refer to How to get setup with VPN. and Why is my VPN (Virtual Private Network) not working? for more information.

Can't connect to the share

If you are unable to make a connection to the share, and you are also using the Campus VPN or you are on the Campus Network, there is a likely chance that you may have a Firewall setting that is preventing the connection.

Please try disabling the Firewall to test whether or not you can connect to the share.

If you are able to make the connection, you may want to do a Google Search on 'samba ports firewall <name of security suite>' on instructions on how to allow your computer the ability to connect to samba shares.

Windows specific issues

If your windows computer is not part of the engineering domain, i.e. you are connecting from off campus using the vpn, you may need to write your username as \engineering\username in order to connect as part of the engineering domain.

If you are using windows 10 and samba 4, depending on your security settings, you may need to run all connections as "administrator" and/or enable samba "domain compatibility mode" and/or disable samba "reguire sign on seal" in order to connect to servers running older versions of samba.

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