Remote terminal and graphical access from windows: PuTTY and Xming

1. First download PuTTY ("putty.exe") from the following link: PuTTY. To download Xming, go to
3. Scroll down and download Xming-mesa first, then install it using the default options. Then install Xming-fonts using the default options.

Note: When you are installing Xming-fonts you may get the following warning. Just click Yes.


4. Launch Xming from the programs menu.

5. Launch PuTTY.

6. From the sidebar select X11 which can be found under Connection --> SSH. Then Check

Enable X11 forwarding.

7.  From the sidebar choose Session.

Enter the hostname you want to connect to (ex: or

7. Click Open at the bottom of the screen.

If a pop-up mentions a "PuTTY Security Alert", click Yes. It will then prompt you for your engineering username and then for your password. After you provide both you should be successfuly logged in.

8. Launch a graphical program from the command line (like idle3).


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