The ECI account is the cornerstone of the primary services provided to students, faculty, and staff. ECI account holders are able to communicate with others via the provided email service, store and access files in their home directory, access Linux and Windows computers and the software on them, have remote access to Linux computers, and more. Use of the ECI account is subject to the terms and conditions of the ECI Computer Use Policy.

Features and Functions

  • Accounts include email services with the following benefits:
    • An email address in the form of
    • Ability to use a “native” email client such as Thunderbird or a web client (
    • A mail forwarding service - mail sent to the ECI account email address can be forwarded to another location if desired.
    • A vacation message can be activated for the account at a specific date, time, and duration.
    • All incoming messages are subject to spam and virus filtering.
  • Accounts include a “home” directory for file storage and access.
    • There is a maximum limit on the number of files and total file size that can be stored on the ECI file servers.
    • The home directory may be accessed from the Windows and Linux machines in any of the ECI instructional labs.
    • Remote access to the home directory is available using the SCP protocol (see FAQ for details).
    • Files stored in the account home directory are backed up nightly and file recovery requests can be made by sending mail to
  • Accounts may create a static web page accessible as
  • College of Engineering faculty and staff can invite people to create accounts.
  • Account holders may access the ECI Linux and Windows computer systems in any of the ECI instructional labs. Permission to use these computers includes use of the software installed on them.
  • Accounts are granted free printing in the ECI instructional labs.
    • The number of free printouts is limited to a preset number that is restricted by quota.
    • The print quota is reset at the beginning of each academic quarter.
  • Accounts may remotely access a Linux based computer for shell access.
    • is available via the SSH protocol.
    • The remote access computer is available for general compute tasks not involving graphical user interfaces.
  • Graduating CoE students are eligible for the alumni forwarding email service.
    • Email may be forwarded to an address specified by the graduating CoE student.
    • New incoming messages sent to or will be fowarded.
  • The ECI Help desk is available to all ECI account holders to assist with any type of account problem.
    • The physical location of the ECI Helpdesk is room 1140 E, Harold Frank Hall.
    • Email requests may be sent to


The ECI Account is available to students enrolled in CoE courses, and CoE staff and faculty. Additionally, CoE staff and faculty may sponsor accounts for non CoE persons for special use or needs. More info.

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