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The ECI Department Website Service (DWS) offers departments and centers the hardware and software infrastructure necessary to run and maintain their official websites. By utilizing the full complement of the available components of this service, a state of the art web presence is possible.

Features and Functions

  • Virtual web hosting is included so that departments and centers have control over their web presence name.
    • ECI will coordinate DNS changes to facilitate this, subject to host name availability and campus approval
    • ECI will make all necessary server configuration changes in support of virtual web hosting.
  • The DWS provides for a website to be run on modern hardware running up to date software and operating system.
    • The operating system is CentOS which is derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution.
    • The web server software is Apache.
    • The supported scripting language is PHP.
    • The backend database is MySQL.
  • Files are backed up nightly. Databases are replicated and backed up multiple times a day.
  • Web server analytics are supplied if requested. The open source Piwik software is used to provide detailed reports on your website visitors, search engines and keywords used, etc. Piwik provides a web interface to this data and can produce periodic reports sent via email.
  • The DWS provides periodic web application security vulnerability assessment. The Nessus security scanner is used to identify possible errors in your web site so that they can be corrected before becoming an attack vector.
  • The DWS provides monitoring for your website so that you can be alerted if your site is not functioning as it should. Monitoring is done with Nagios.

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