ECI manages 3 Physical labs and 3 separate virtual labs available via remote desktop which includes access to graphical desktops. Open access labs provide access to computers and software for all UCSB College of Engineering students with a valid ECI account. During the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters) these labs are available for over 100 hours per week. These labs are designed to support instructional homework needs, collaboration, and Teaching Assistant office hours.  ECI also supports a private linux lab for Computer Science which is only available to Computer Science and any cross listed courses for home work or collaboration.

ECI maintains the following instructional labs: the Engineering II Lab, The Richard A. Ahull Student Center and The Honea Undergraduate Computer Labs consisting of the Harold Frank Hall Lab and the Computer Science Instructional Lab (CSIL). 

Features and Functions

All ECI labs feature UCSB Campus Wireless and printing capabilities.

Honea Undergraduate Computer Labs:

  • HFH - 1140 Harold Frank Hall
    • 56 workstations (28 Windows 10, 28 Linux)
  • CSIL - 1138 Harold Frank Hall
    • 48 workstations (all Linux)
    • 9 BYO laptop stations

Richard A. Auhll Student Center closed during summer

  • Auhll Center - 1401 Engineering II (in the courtyard)
    • 40 workstations (all Windows 10)
    • 8 BYO laptop stations

Other ECI Labs are closed during summer

  • EII: 3236 Engineering II
    • 20 workstations (all Windows 10)



Here are the instructions to remote login to the CSIL/Linux and Windows labs.
To access the windows labs remotely follow this link:
Remote Access to Windows Labs
To access the Computer Science Computer Labs remotely (for CS students only), follow this link:
Remote Access to Computer Science Lab
To access the Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Labs remotely, follow this link:
Remote Access to ECE & Computer Engineering Linux Labs